Your first hunting experience and your last.

A long time Southern tradition is now available at Red Pebble Plantation. Many hunters' first experience in the outdoors is on a dove field. There is no better experience for clients, families, and friends of all ages than a well-managed dove shoot. Experience the rush as doves fly left and right and a fellow hunters call “over you, over you.” When the day is over, many stories will be told around the dinner table about who made the best shot and who was the worst marksman.

Our staff has been working diligently to maintain the approximately 20 acre sunflower field to ensure that you and your party’s dove hunt is memorable and pleasurable. This field is available for a maximum of 12 shooters and will be kept exclusively private with lodging and meals available. Please call for more information about this exclusive hunt.

Dove Hunting Rates

  • Two-Day Hunt
  • Opening Weekend
  • $10,000.00 + tax
  • Up to 12 people / per shoot
  • September 7, 2020 (noon) - September 8, 2020 (evening)

    This exclusive package is for up to twelve people.* The hunt is two days and one night. Four meals and lodging from Saturday, September 6, 2014, at noon to Sunday evening, September 7, 2014, are included in this package. You and your party can shoot at your leisure. The approximately twenty acres of sunflowers are looking great due to the good growing season!

    *12 People on the field at at time. Up to 3 shoots during the opening weekend. By rotating clients, can entertain 36 people maximum during the opening weekend.
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  • After Opening Weekend
  • $2,500.00 + tax
  • Up to 12 people / per day
  • Enjoy dove hunting on our twenty acre sunflower field for a day.

    *Lodging and meals are offered. Please call for availability.
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Lodging & Meals

  • Lodging
  • Room Rental
  • $125 / per night
  • All rooms are Double Occupancy Rooms. Double or Single Occupancy upon your request.
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  • Lunch
  • $25 / per person
  • Here you can have a description of lunch if you'd like.
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  • Most Popular
  • Steak Dinner
  • $40 / per person
  • Here you can have a description of the steak dinner if you'd like.
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Prices effective for the 2020-2021 hunting season beginning October 1, 2020.