Still reigning as the beast of kings.

Herds of hunted wild hogs are estimated to be found in a minimum of thirty-eight states. The land stretching from Texas to Florida is the heart of free range wild hog hunting. Red Pebble Plantation supports the year-round sport with respect and professionalism.

With experienced guides, Red Pebble caters to seasoned veterans as well as first time hunters. Double Run Creek travels throughout the entire 3000 acres of the preserve, creating a generous amount of bottom land to accommodate the large supply of wild boar hogs. The average weight for a Red Pebble “trophy boar” is 220 lbs.

"Wild Boar is still the "Beast of Kings" in Europe". – Boar Hunter magazine, March 2008.

Boar Hunting Rates

  • Peak Season
  • In-Season
  • $350 / per day
  • (Sept 1 - March 31)
  • (1) day hunting and as many hogs as you can harvest, but hogs are not guaranteed.

    *Stand hunting only. Cleaning is available at additional fee.

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Lodging & Meals

  • Lodging
  • Room Rental
  • $125 / per night
  • All rooms are Double Occupancy Rooms. Double or Single Occupancy upon your request.
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  • Lunch
  • $25 / per person
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  • Most Popular
  • Steak Dinner
  • $40 / per person
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Prices effective for the 2020-2021 hunting season beginning October 1, 2020.