Happy Dogs, Happy Hunting

In the heart of the classic plantation belt, a 100 mile strip of land through South Georgia and North Florida, Red Pebble Plantation is a wing shooter's paradise. The open woodlands, native grasses of sage and wiregrass, and moderate temperatures are all components that provide exceptional wildlife habitat for the bobwhite quail, prince of all game birds.

White Tail Deer

The sportsman at Red Pebble Plantation knows what to expect as dawn breaks in the eastern sky. The knowledgeable and accommodating guides have strategically placed the hunter in the best position to harvest a white tail. The wait begins… Red Pebble Plantation, legendary for its trophy deer, is respected for a wildlife rich environment. Impressive hardwoods and carefully monitored food plots and crops provide the deer with ample nutrition and security cover, resulting in larger wild game.

Still reigning as the beast of kings.

Herds of hunted wild hogs are estimated to be found in a minimum of thirty-eight states. The land stretching from Texas to Florida is the heart of free range wild hog hunting. Red Pebble Plantation supports the year-round sport with respect and professionalism.

Light or Dark?

Listening to a mature tom gobbling at sunrise on a spring morning at Red Pebble Plantation produces an adrenaline rush, an encounter that anyone with an appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors should experience.

Your first hunting experience and your last.

A long time Southern tradition is now available at Red Pebble Plantation. Many hunters' first experience in the outdoors is on a dove field. There is no better experience for clients, families, and friends of all ages than a well-managed dove shoot. Experience the rush as doves fly left and right and a fellow hunters call “over you, over you.” When the day is over, many stories will be told around the dinner table about who made the best shot and who was the worst marksman.

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Prices effective for the 2020-2021 hunting season beginning October 1, 2020.