Our Landscape Transformation

In January 2017, Red Pebble Plantation was hit by a F3 tornado. The tornado was the longest in Georgia’s recorded history, covering a seventy-five mile path. Red Pebble Plantation has been diligently working to recover from the massive destruction of this storm. 500 acres of pine trees and hardwoods were lost.

While the storm affected the landscape and scenery of Red Pebble Plantation, the hunting and game population were not altered. In fact, hunting has been enhanced. The destruction of the trees has allowed Red Pebble Plantation to diversify the land. Many acres are being converted to irrigated agricultural land. Ponds are now present to supply irrigation as well as to attract more wildlife. Ducks are becoming more populous, therefore duck hunting will be offered in the very near future. The ponds are stocked with fish and fishing packages are also available. More dove fields are also being added as a result. Please call about the availability of any of these hunting options.